2000s: Need to Sum Up?

The invitation came to me one day not long ago as I was conducting some important networking tasks on my Facebook account — a filmmaker friend of mine was soliciting from me a “top ten” list of what I considered to be the most important Chinese language films of the past decade. In the official invitation that accompanied the message, the list, to be culled … Continue reading 2000s: Need to Sum Up?

Back Out On the Road

It’s a Tuesday evening here at Visual Communications, and in a couple of days I’ll be boarding a plane bound for British Columbia to begin the annual trek across both sides of the Pacific to scour the international film festival circuit for intriguing and audacious (not to mention, excellent and crowd-pleasing) selections for the 2010 edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. It’s … Continue reading Back Out On the Road

Hello World!

The first blog entry on this online diary (an auto-generated one, I might add) came with the title, “Hello world!” Much like those announcement one gets these days when new baby pictures show up in one’s in-box, this is a new diary that attempts to document my thoughts and observations on the long journey to the 26th edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film … Continue reading Hello World!